Things to remember before your big day

Hang your dress out of the bag 3 days to a week before your wedding to help relax any creases in the fabric.

The same is true for veils. Try to hang them so they do not puddle and for as long as you can before the wedding.

When turning in a dress with a train, remember to take wide circles so the train does not end up at your feet.

If your wrist loop is not in place but you need to quickly pick up the train, do so by grabbing it where the loop is attached as all the layers are connected in that spot.

Be gentle with the button loops to keep them in good working order.

It is often times easiest to get into your dress with your shoes on.

Keep jewelry off hands and wrists when getting into gown to avoid snagging the fabric.

Small transparent threads may appear as the dress is worn as they may have been held down by the lace. Avoid pulling these so you do not damage the lace. Instead, clip them with small scissors or nail clippers.

When steaming the dress, avoid placing the steamer directly on the fabric. You may steam the lining from the underside while another person holds it up.

Be sure to fluff out the inner ruffles of the crinoline layer which may become compressed over time.

You may keep your dress in the garment bag if you need to before the wedding, but hang it with 6” of space on each side to avoid extra creases. If you must, hang it from the top of a door.

Remove the plastic garment bag when hanging dress for long periods as chemicals in the plastic may sometimes yellow the fabric.

Carefully try your dress on One Month and One Week. Call us if you need adjustments at this time. They can be turned around quickly if needed.

At the one week point, it is a good time to give the dress a light steaming if you have a steamer available and as mentioned earlier hang the dress out of the garment bag so it is fresh on the day.